Wednesday, January 18, 2012

second post

On our first day of class, Professor Yang explained to us what the course was going to be like and what our expectations were.  Professor also went over all the different pieces of the web that we will be needing to view and follow in order to succeed in this class. 

Blogging is a really interesting piece of technology that allows people to view your thoughts and ideas.  I have never used it before and this is my first time, so i will see if this works out positively for me.

As a future educator, I hope to inspire and motivate children to live out a positive and healthy lifestyle with safe and smart choices along the way.  I don't just want to be there as a person who stands infront of a class and instructs. I want to be an educator that my students feel comfortable coming to me to seek guidance and ask any question that's on their mind. 

First Blog

This is my first time ever using an online blog, and I hope i am doing everything correct. 

Over the break i worked at a daycare center where I was mainly responsible for coordinating and teaching activities to children from the ages of 5-12. Different times were broken up for each age group.  I taught the children how to play basketball, soccer, and European Handball. I went over the basic skills that are needed and we ran some drills in order for all the children to practice these skills.  This is not my first time helping children learning or improving on their skills.  As a teacher, it makes me feel accomplished and I did a really good thing to see some of the children i have taught turn into pretty good athletes.